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About Us

Studio Schaapman is a family business that was founded in 2015. It consists of Karina Schaapman and her four children; Tom, Ian, Manita and Lili. The five of us work on The Mouse Mansion books, merchandise, toys and website.

Before Studio Schaapman was founded, Karina did everything herself. But with the huge success of the books came too much work for one person. Just approving foreign books and products turned out to be a job in itself. That's why we chose to join hands and start a family company. We now work together on just about everything: building the sets, writing stories, making videos, and thinking of new products.

We have a workplace in the middle of Amsterdam where you can find us working day in and day out. It's filled with art-supplies and Mouse Mansion decors. And, of course, a couple of computers, which we use to make the website and edit the videos. 

We love working on this project together! The latest book, 'The Mouse Mansion - A Visit to the Fair' (only available in the Netherlands); the website; and the videos are the first results of our collaboration. In 2017 we produced our own toys and which we are selling to retailers internationally. And there is so much more to come!